December 10, 2007

just go easy on it, kiddo

i figured if i go a little flexible on the parenting rule, i'll be a happy mommy with a happy son. so far, it works. sorry if you're a parent who is 102% against little kids eating whatever candy or sweets, then we sure are not sailing on the same wave. in my boat, my kid gets whatever candy he wants to eat, be it candy bar thanks million or door gift sweets. because i make sure he eats it moderately, not like a pooh bear.

everyone loves getting candy for him, even my sister will save the bridal shower candy bars for him when she attends a friend's bridal shower. i only need to make sure he brushes his teeth at least twice a day, more on a sweet tooth day. i just have to think how much i love sweets when i was little, and how adults are so against us taking sweets. so what we did was eat them too, but just that we lied saying we didn't. that's not very nice isn't it?

so me as a mother, i'm trying to let my kid explore things on his own and eat things kids love to eat. like i said, moderately. so if you want to offer my little boy a personalized kids candy bars, be my guest!

just go easy on it, kiddo.


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