December 2, 2007

get me down this tree!

for as long as i can remember, i've always had a fear for heights. i've never really climbed a tree, besides the one time my siblings forced me up a tree to pluck some rambutans, and i couldn't get down. oh gosh. it was a horrible experience, i thought i was going to die.

anyway, i found this site where you could download instant professionally produced hypnosis sessions to overcome any phobias and fear, improve self-esteem and much much more. do you ever heard fear of being a car passenger? fear of contact lenses? and fear of telephone talking? sounds very funny isn't it? but in reality, these fears are terrifying to people who experience it, just like my fear of heights. guarantees 100% results, else you could simply refund your order. it claims that in only one 60 minutes session, you can note the difference, you'll feel a deep and lasting inner change that will literally amaze you. I should just get the fear of heights hypnosis downloads and get over with it for the rest of my life. do you have any fear of bees and wasps or any phobias you want to overcome? or a boost for your self-esteem? download a hypnosis today.


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