December 7, 2007

my little boy and kiddy rides

what i love about my little boy in a kiddy ride is that he doesn't fuss over a stationery ride. he loves sittin in there, turnin the steerin right and left, make his own sound effect. boooom..boom...
if we ever insert a coin and suddenly the kiddy ride moves, he'll jump out right to my chest and hug me. what in the world is so freaky about a movin ride?

daddy once told me he freaks out over things that is not secured on the ground and that it moves, like a roller blade or a cable car hangin in the air. now, we know why.


When that happens and my children are around, seeing a moving car without anyone in it, my children will ask me or my hubby to put them there! LOL! They feel it is wasted when nobody rides in it. When your baby grows a little older, he would be able to appreciate those rides so be prepared to buy lots of tokens. :)


there are lotsa free rides at a nearby supermarket, but he's not into it. wasted!
when he gets older, hopefully those free rides are still there. heheee..

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