December 17, 2007

oh freak, it's monday!

it's a monday. the day most people dislike, especially me when i was a kid. i used to hate monday so much, i wished it never exist. i hate goin to school, i was good at nothin, both academically and in sports. not only kids, workin adults usually drag their feet to work on monday. it's like a routine is startin all over again for the next 5 days. 6 if you're really unlucky.

mum went home with little brother isaac. no wonder the kitchen is quite now. normally if mom is around, the mixer will be spinnin and there'll be somethin bakin in the oven. i always wake up to the nice smellin moist cake or butter cake. but mom is not around, so our lunch is as simple as it can be. porridge for the kids and noodle soup for us adults.

monday is always a good time, when all the reviews starts comin in. now i love monday. monday pls come more often. lookin at monday this way now, it's a countdown to a happy weekend.


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