December 7, 2007

my little boy calls it baby motorbike

on our last rally trip to kuantan, we saw two of these mini bikes and my little boy got all excited over it. he keep saying baby motorbike. well, the riders are no baby, they are adults. one of the rally team brought two units of their pocket bikes to the rally service park so that they can get to one place and the other within minutes. it saves time, as you know, in rallying every second counts.

i was wondering where they got those cutie Pocket Bikes, the other one even look like one of those Mini Choppers. coolness. no matter where they bought it, i know i can find it online, and i did. apparently, it comes in either gas powered or electric bike, and it comes in all sizes too. talk about father and son on a motorbike adventure, or a ride at the park. when my little boy is a little older, hubs might even get one for him. believe me, he said he's going to get a go-cart for his precious son next year.

but i'm somehow against a three year old on a go-cart. moreover, my son. maybe when he's at least 5, i'll reconsider. but if hubs really want something he can play with, he should get himself
Super Pocket Bikes for now. after his ducati, he can handle this one like a toy.


That bike is so cool. I really like the colour too!

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