December 2, 2007

my little boy got gifts

at last nights party, my little birthday boy got a few presents. all of which that i personally consider useful. he got 2 pieces of tee shirts, a pair of bermudas, a subaru rally car he asked for, a huge toy he owned (so i'm thinking of keeping it for now) and some monetary gifts which i like best. yeah.
i don't know whether it's a culture thing or what, but the chinese seems to favour money as a gift rather than getting gifts itself. be it in at a wedding, a birthday or just about any celebration, some would specifically request "no gifts, monetary gifts are appreciated".

but of course, there are times where money seems inappropriate. like when visiting a sick friend at the hospital, then people will get a hamper or gift baskets together with a 'get well soon' card or just a breakfast gift baskets to cheer a friend up one a monday morning at the office. i particularly love gifts basket from Gourmet Gift because of their attractive packaging and quality premium packing materials.


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