December 6, 2007

so you have a dot com huh?

yeah, i just got my very own domain too. what name? you'll have to wait and see. a very big thank you to my cousin zi, she's been a great tutor and help to me from buyin my domain and she's goin to guide me through settin it up. and also she has a webhost for me, totally free.

she did a great job runnin a one-man-show on her online boutique you should really check it out. her website is just fantastic, you would have thought she has a team of 20 programmers and designers to back her up. but no. totally her own.

i cannot make up my mind on which blog template to choose from, just too many of them, each one is special and unique. i prefer a clean look, therefore i'm sure getting a white background. so questions asked. i think it'll be another month or so before i get this blog up and runnin. till then.


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