December 19, 2007

a tough choice to make

poor little brother of mine. i've been thinking a lot of him today. after that conversation we had with him last night, we can almost hear him tearing apart. this is the second year he's in Australia, he completed his degree and he chose to further his studies so that he could apply for the Australian PR. but of late, everything that once seems so important is suddenly pointless. he wanted to stay close to us, his family. he sounds quite depressed.

my sister even asked him to pack his bags and come home. forget about finishing what he's after, dump the mcDonaold's job and take the next flight home. forget about the Australian PR thingy. we just want to make sure he's alright.

he could start a new life back home, go to work and stay close to us. probably he could continue his studies if he wants to. there are plenty of online university that offers a wide range of degrees to choose from. capella university is a good place to start. but the decision is still for him to make. in the end, all this hard times will only make him a stronger and better person.

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