December 28, 2007

the little cat in me

it's been 3 days and hubs is still in bkk. i don't know if i'm just bein paranoid or what, but i hate to sleep alone at night. my little boy sleeps right next to me and though i held him very close to me, it isn't the same as havin hubs.

let's get this clear, i'm a scary cat! everytime hubs is away, i don't get good sleep, i wake up to the slightest sound, the dog's barkin or the zoomin cars in the middle of the night. i must make sure i locked my door and double check it. i'm not afraid of ghost, but i am so scared of burglars.
cannot wait for hubs to be home tomorrow.


hello just visiting u here got ur link from cho cho train tag..u have a nice blog here. u take care and God Bless You and your family as well

When my hubby is not around, I also double check that I've locked the door b4 going to sleep. Once, hubby even bought me an anti-burglar hand-held alarm that emits a high pitch and loud noise when the string is pulled off. I put it next to my pillow whenever hubby wasnt around! I also put my h/p next to me on my bed, just in case....

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