December 27, 2007

lazy bug ran me over!

happy holiday to ya all.. with christmas comes new year, let's all hope for a better year ahead.
i don't know what got into me, i just didn't feel like bloggin. well, i used to hate it when people blame their laziness on the year-end bug, there isn't such a thing! you're just plain lazy for goodness sake. be a man and admit it.

but now, here i am, in such a good holiday mood, i almost wished my blog never exist. ayeee... not a good thing to say, but i'm just speakin from my heart. how's ya christmas? we stayed at home and mom prepared us a very nice lunch, nasi lemak, chicken rice and singapore laksa. delicious. that's the thing about my family, celebration is all about us all gathered together to feast. forget the pressie..


once in a while it's ok to feel lazy =)

christmas was wonderful for me, just like you we spent it with our loved ones, like a big family reunion. Lunch was spent with my husband's side of the family, then dinner was with my side.

cool. i bet the kids had lotsa fun, especially with the pressies and all..happy new year to you and your family.

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