December 6, 2007

from my little point of view

how different are we? i mean the asians and the westerners. for us asians, we prefer to live with our parents for as long as we can, even after having our own family with a bunch of kids. we seldom consider moving out of the parents house just like the westerners do once they graduate and starts working. the westerners love the freedom they get, provided that they are financially stable to support themselves. and then there are their parents, the elderly who lives alone or as a couple. and they seems to be doing great without their children by their side.

i've seen many english elderly people manage through their daily lives alone, take short trips to the supermarket, strolling at the gardens in the evening, go to church alone on a sunday morning, they live by without their children by their side. but then, there are also those who are too old and perhaps lonely ones who cannot manage to take care of themselves, so living in a nursing home is by far the best option.

with good facilities and good medical care staff, they are well taken care of. their children do not have to worry about them leaving alone at home, for most of these elderly living at nursing home is much happier living together with their old folks friends.


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