December 18, 2007

if you want to get me a car, get me...

what i love most about my car is that it is big and tough, yet comfortable and not so expensive. hubs used to own a range rover when i first date him, he let me drives it all the time. me, being a shorty that i am, loves the view i get from my driver's seat. almost like a bird's view. fits me perfectly. when hubs sold it a few years later, i drove many other cars but none of it beats the security i get from driving a range rover, not even s-class. booo..

hubs must have noted what i said, that i still loves my range rover best, he got me another one. not a brand new, as it is very expensive. my dark green car serves as a truck when i need to shop for huge furniture pieces from ikea, a bus when i need to get many people to one place at one time, and best of all, even my 2 year old boy has no problem getting in the car himself, thanks to the world class nerf bar. best of all, it is one of the safest cars on the road. that to me is very important, given that i always drive my little boy around.


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