December 14, 2007

there's no such person as lady luck

kids in my home are just like every other kids in town. they grow up watching unlimited episode of disney channel on satellite television. maybe marcus and shern watched a little too much, just that. but they know just about single cartoon character on disney channel by name. jojo and his friends at jojo circus, noddy, thomas and friend, bob the builder has wendy, sagwa the siamese cat, and the most famous of them all is no doubt mickey mouse and friends. the only cartoon i grew up watching.

disney has a way to attract kids to them. first, the coloring contest and such, the answer some questions quiz and lots of other games for little kids to win a chance of a lifetime to travel to disneyland. i never had luck with contest, same with the rest of my family members. if the kids so wish to go to disneyland, we'll just get them Discount Disney Tickets online from orlandotickets than to stand no chance to win a contest.


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