December 9, 2007

the weekend with the swing and the fishin rod

i think i accomplished a lot this weekend, in the sense of spendin time with the little one. hubs wasn't around, so it's just between mommy and son and mommy's side of the family. on saturday, we went shopping then to the playground so the kids could go gaga over the slide and the swing. boy, they loved it so much they didn't want to go home. we went for steamboat again. steamboat. our favourite la.

today, we went to the park, fishin and picnic. my sister caught 9 fishes, big and small. we had it for dinner and it was the most delicious and delicate fish i ever taste in years.

this is a very happy face of my little sunshine.

by the look on his face, you know he had a great weekend, even without his daddy.


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