December 6, 2007

when you're sick of sudoku, try playing poker

my aunt will be back to hanoi tomorrow afternoon. her hubs is on a 2 years contract, on some construction and development project. she told me how boring she is when her hubs goes to work. with no where to go shopping and no interesting places to visit, she usually just rot at home waiting for the clock to tick.

people rarely own a car, with the mega chaotic traffic, having a car is basically pointless. partly because the people there are too poor they can only afford motorcycle or a bicycle. her hubs has a motorcycle he rides to work. so imagine my poor boring auntie playing sudoku at home all day long.

she doesn't know how to use a computer, so imagine my surprise when she told me she sometimes play online betting to kill time. her hubs taught her how to get online to bet365.
she's only into playing poker, those interactive games and jackpot, not those sportsbook betting. time flies when she's occupied playing poker while waiting for her hubs to come home.


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