December 27, 2007

my 2008 christmas wish list

you see, exchangin pressies is not a tradition in my family, so none of us get any. that may sound like a sad christmas to you isn't it? but no, we're totally fine with it. there's no point in gettin pressie we don't like or appreciate. no one fancy getting a Spring handbag when everyone is after a designer's handbag like Prada and Calvin Klein right? so why spend whole lot of money on gifts people don't like?

i don't really mind buying and receiving presents if we get to make our very own christmas wish list, not those to mr. santa, but to our family member, and we'll pick a present to buy for each other, something we'll surely like. i was dreaming that hubs could buy me a Mac Notebook so both of us don't have to fight over a desktop computer. I did a price comparison search on the internet, the price is incredibly low at $579.00. Should have given him my christmas list, i know our little boy would love the Disney Pixar Lightning McQueen Phone.


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