December 17, 2007

daddy thinks i'm pregnant but i'm just gettting fatter

my dad came the other day and asked if i am pregnant. yucks, he saw my buldging tummy and the fact that i'm not pregnant, makes me wonder why by eating so little didn't seems to make my flabby tummy go away.

as far as i'm concern, diet pills, drinking endless amount of diet tea that cost me many sleepless nights, horse-riding u papa exercise machine does not work. i tried diet pills, lose some weight, but ended up gaining it all back. so how?

maybe i should try the magnetic diet weight loss program and start burning all the calories off as it claims. it works by learning how to get the right food combination to create invigorating magnetism. it sounds so easy by helping you lose your cravings, build muscle and burn fats. this is worth a try, for the sake of getting back my flat tummy.


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