December 11, 2007

Aloha, Hawaii!

my ultimate dream is to be filthy rich. with riches comes a lot of access to privileges and luxurious life. i'm sure you'd agree with me. life as the rich and famous is never dull, it's also never a daily routine. their exciting life brings them everywhere, all over the world. fly to paris for the fashion week and spend half a million on shopping.

if i'm rich, i will go travelling with my family. to hawaii, the most talked about romantic place on earth. rent out a couple of Maui condos so we could stay comfortably by the beautiful sea to watch the sunset every evening. Chances are you might read one of the many Hawaiian travel blog that the main attraction of Hawaii is their incredible flora and fauna. In 2005 alone, tourist spend a total of 3.1 billion dollars holidaying there, there must be something worth seeing. Which is why it is so important that the government need to preserve its environmental friendly land and continue luring tourists from all over the world.

My pick of place to stay will be a place near to sea and greenery too. somewhere secluded and private, with my own outdoor jacuzzi. i don't mind paying for more to get the most luxurious Hawaiian Beach Rentals. like i said, if i'm rich...



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