December 21, 2007

get a degree without spending a fortune

my mom always tell me this. different people, different life. some are born pretty, some are not. some are born with privilege, like a prince who will one day claim the title as a king while some are born in poverty, suffering in hunger to death. some are born without limbs, while some perfectly normal people couldn't care less to work, they rob, they rather beg to live on. .

mommy also tells us to be always thankful for what we have. the food on the table and nice clothes to wear. we're a bunch of lucky kids as our family can afford to send us to further our studies in U.K. only a handful of my college friends made it overseas. others are too poor to pursue their degree overseas so they got to settle for a local college degree.

how things have changed. more and more people opted to get their degree from online university like capella university. they offer a range of degree programs not only to full time students. imagine studying from the comfort of your own home, forget homesick when you're away from your family for many many months. get a degree from a prestigious university without having to spend a fortune to study abroad.

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