December 10, 2007

has this got anything to do with feng shui?

sometimes our indifference can really drives me nut. i'm talking about none other than my beloved hubs. i have a very creative side of me, which i love to explore. i love to reposition my furniture now and then just like an interior designer. i also love to decorate my home with nice frames and beautiful things like martha stewart. i paint the house with color i adore.

my hubs, being the typical china man with no sense of decoration or whatever, cannot sit back and enjoy my hardwork. in fact he has to lecture me on how certain things affect the 'feng shui' in the house. feng shui is something i never believed in. so i don't care.

so if we're going to move to a bigger home in the future, be it designing Log Home Plans or Ranch House Plans, i can be sure he'll have the architect to design every corner of the house as feng shui worthy. in fact, there's a better idea. we can download any luxury home Plans we love from houseplansandmore. it comes with a detailed floor plans to help people visualize their new designer home. with a floor plan, the feng shui master can then evaluate the entire house to his heart's content, then leave me alone in peace for good.
isn't that just great?


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