December 4, 2007

AirAsia fare from as low as 6 cents!

check out Air Asia 6th anniversary sales,

the Real Deal from as low as 6 cents!

only RM0.06 one way when you fly from Kuala Lumpur to the following destination: Alor Star, Kota Bharu (mama pumpkin, perhaps another visit to grandpa's) , Penang, Langkawi, Terengganu. Of course, price excluded tax.


6 cents, wow that's almost free man! Time to go to Langkawi for a holiday!

Oooh...I will go elsewhere la...who wants to go to the in-laws??? Muahahaha!!!

ya, you only need to pay for the airport tax. good time to book your tickets.

patsy,'re right. anyway, i have no inlaws, so i never know how good or annoyin they can be. hahaa..

I can't book tickets! It just shows the prices and when I try to book a flight it jsut comes up with normal prices!

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