December 18, 2007

boy, get yourself a break, can?

it's never nice hearing that someone you love is not feeling very well isn't it? my brother, who's studying in perth is not sick, he's just too tired of his student life, juggling time between two odd jobs as a full time student. sigh. we were on instant messaging when he mentioned that he's kind of depressed. to cut the long story short, it all comes down to money.

he's a very independent boy and he never asked for money back home. he's the kind of person who would rather go for Student Loan Consolidation than to call home for instant cash. so we always thought he can manage it himself. but hearing that he's overworked himself just to pay his bills, all this is just too much to bear. aha, Student Loan Consolidation suddenly sounds like a good idea too, if he likes my suggestion.

waking up at 5.30am in the morning to work at Mcdonald's morning shift, serving mc eggs and hash brown when the rest of the world is still sleeping, i'm not sure i'm up to that challenge. well, those days when i was a student, i used to work too. that was because there isn't such a thing as Private Student Loans, else i know i rather not work. .

we sisters back home were telling him to quit one of his job, and get a life. go out and enjoy what a student should be enjoying. living a stress free student life, but what did he said? going out to social needs money. just to let you know brother, we're here if you need our help. anytime.


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