December 5, 2007

the wedding planner: one lost dream

if i were to follow my dreams, maybe today i'm already a famous wedding planner. i took the wrong path when i was finished high school, followed suit what others pursue, the IT. it seems like a good idea that time, how people telling me programmers earn big bucks writing programs. funny, it didn't work out for me. i wasn't a bright person, i should have known.

my passion has always been with designing and decorating, full of passion for the things i love. perfect candidate for a wedding planner isn't it? theknot is a site that is forever in my favorite bookmark list. the site offers unique and one-of-a-kind fabulous unique wedding favors other sites cannot possibly match. brides maid dresses, wedding cakes, gift registry, almost anything you want to find for your perfect wedding.

perhaps one day, i might change my mind. when my son is a little older already, i'll pursue my dream to be a wedding planner. i know i have talent.


hi leena. im just bloghopping here. i love your layout. listen, dont be too hard on yourself. remember that everything has a purpose. its never really too late to chase that rainbow. im kinda discovering this stage, lately.

you're very creative, i can tell. your blog is so frilly and feminine. i hope you don't mind if i link you up. here too, is the link to my journal

have a nice day.

thanks for visitin. well, hope you're havin fun chasin the rainbow. as for me, i want to be there for my little boy, to see him grow. workin has to come second.

i'm glad you find my blog interestin. let's exchange links. thank you so much. you have a nice day too.

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