December 14, 2007

christmas at ikano power centre

this is the first time i've seen a real "jack-in-a-box". he was performin to the kids, jugglin the balls and such, when he saw me tryin to take a shot of him. he even asked the kids to pose for me. how sweet. he was standin in this huge box, playin with the kids. and when his time is up, he said goodbye and closes the box. of course, he has a secret passage to get out of the box. kids just love him so.

oh, if you want to catch "jack", he's performin at the ikano power centre. what time specifically, i have no idea. bring your kids there, they will sure love him. this is all part of a kids christmas carnival takin place there.

oh, there's a huge train goin about in the shoppin complex to if you want a ride. i mean your kids.


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