December 7, 2007

from a hero to a sick cat

since his pneumonia episode, hubs has been the weakest link in this family. he can easily catch a cold if the air conditioner is a little too cold at night, followed by mild fever. the antibiotic he took was the culprit, it weakened his body and his immune system. just like what a sick cat looks like.

after he recovered from pneumonia, i've been boilin chicken soup with ginseng and bird nest for him, he also takes one multivitamin, one vitamin E and three colostrum tablets everyday. one would have thought that is more than enough to make him a strong man, because i thought so too.

imagine my surprise when he told me that he might need an appointment to see the doctor again. he hasn't been feeling his best even months after his pneumonia recovery.i'm not sure if it'll help if i get him some kratom, a type of botanically product from plants that possess healing properties. maybe on his next visit to the doctor's, i'll get the doctor's opinion on this.


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