December 28, 2007

loving the green grass over there

one thing people from my country loves to do is to migrate overseas especially to Australia. like the grass is greener on the other side of the world. but truly, with the nice weather you get there, the grass is indeed much greener. well, these rich people travels around the world many times a year, spend their kids mid term school holidays abroad for weeks or maybe months, they can afford to stay in any Gold Coast Hotels they love, settle for nothing lesser than 5 stars hotel.

when these people retires, most of them will consider migrating to places like Gold Coast and Noosa because life there is much simplier, everyone's life is nice and easy. forget the hustle and bustle of the crazy metropolitan like Kuala Lumpur. even driving around Australia is so stress free. no road bullies and no one beats the red light. as our local driving license allows us to drive in Australia, most tourist will rent a car and drive around by themselves.

No wonder every holiday season, hotels in Australia are always fully booked, especially for places of tourist attractions such as Cairns Hotels and Noosa Hotels.


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