December 12, 2007

do i need anymore tupperware?

tupperware, cool thing isn't it? it's quite pricey though, for at the end of the day, it is still plastic. moreover, because it's expensive, would you just chuck it away when it's stained and scratchy? eh, i don't know.

i have lots of it at home, and my latest addition is this new home starter set. my house or home is not even new by the way. my aunt, a tupperware's top saleswoman, got it for me for a pretty good deal. but i'm thinkin, do i need anymore tupperware. i already have more than enough. but still i bought it.

set comprises:

  • Freezermate Small II Set (2)
    14.3cm(L) x 11.0cm(W) x 7.7cm(H), 650ml
  • Freezermate Medium II(1)
    22.5cm(L) x 14.9cm(W) x 7.7cm(H), 1.5L
  • Freezermate Junior II Set (4)
    11.3cm(L) x 7.5cm(W) x 7.7cm(H), 290ml
  • Modular Mates Oval II Set (2)
    18.3cm(L) x 9.3cm(W) x 11.5cm(H), 1.1L
  • Modular Mates Square II (1)
    18.2cm(L) x 18.2cm(W) x 11.5cm(H), 2.6L
  • FREE! Modular Mates Large Spice Set (2)
  • Gift Box


Hi Leena, here's another tag and am tagging you because I trust you that you can do it. :) I guess it is very unique.

jst a few days more to go and this tag will be over. Hope you can make it. :)

thanks. i need it for filler. hehee..

Just remember---with Tupperware, there is a lifetime warranty. Any scratches, scuffs, cracks, etc. and you get it *replaced* for free.... You don't have to toss it like the cheap stuff. :-)

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