December 23, 2007

from rags to riches

how often do you walk into a bank applying for a home loan and got rejected right in your face? or the times when your credit card application got rejected one after another, all this just because you had a previous bad credit record. at times, people do make it from rags to riches. in some cases, they became billionaires like hong kong tycoon, Li Ka Shing. but the thing with financial institution is, they already had your name listed in RED. so tell me why is it called BLACKlist when you're a perfect candidate for bad credit?

so, that's how the poor becomes poorer and the rich becomes billionaire. when no one is willing to help the poorer ones, how on earth do these people get back on their feets? Li Ka Shing himself, a self made billionaire, was a school dropout at the age of 15, worked in a factory before striking it big, thanks to bad credit offers company who took a chance on him, gave him a loan to kick start his business.

so before you take another step into the bank, it's wise to look up for different offers by bad credit companies. make sure to pick one that suits your need best, preferably the one that offers the lowest installment rate so pay back with not be a huge financial burden on you.


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