January 10, 2008

i need to get hubs this cd

he's a man of few words. he's a man who seldom shares his thoughts and rarely has anything sweet to say to me. do i know him at all before i married him? yes, i do. for the name of love, we're still together. but sometimes i cannot help but wonder if he appreciates me at all? for being a wife that obeys him like he's a commander. yes, i do love and respect him that much.

at the end of the day, a woman sometimes longs for affection, a little romantic gesture or at least, some nice words to hear. this coming valentine's day, i might not be getting a bouquet of roses, or a champagne that awaits me at a candle lit dinner. but i am itching to get him some subliminal CDs from
http://www.subliminal-cds.com/ , one on 'becoming romantic' and 'total marriage success'.

hopefully, he'll learn to appreciate me more, be more expressive and bond us together. this is a perfect valentine gift, one that might change your love life for good.


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