January 24, 2008

little heartbreaker

i must really do somethin. my little darlin is gettin more and more attached to the maid nowadays. well, cannot really blame him. the maid has been with us since he was born and has been takin care of him since then. she's pretty much a part of this family, i love her too. she's hardworkin and she has become sort of like our family butler. she can seriously run this house without me.

this afternoon, the maids went to my sister's office for some spring cleanin. when shern and i got home from our afternoon tea, the maid was no where to be seen. after a while, shern started to get all whiny lookin for his maid. how can i call the maid home. what? call her a cab, and get her ass back from the office? no way.

he should be thankful mommy's at home to take care of him. i told him sacrifice goin to work to take care of him. if he doesn't like it this way, mommy will go to work everyday and he can be at home with the maid all day long. he said "OK". my heart shattered.


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