January 22, 2008

cancer took my grandparents away

i lost my grandpa and my granny to cancer. though i was too young to know how much they suffered before they died, i surely know how much pain our family member has to go through. how my paternal grandma carried on her life without paternal grandpa by her side, and how my maternal granny struggled in poverty without the only breadwinner in the family.

it's scary to say this, but Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer has become the number one killer in our country. thousands lost their battle to cancer every year. this figure is alarming, but what's more alarming is how people are so taking their own life for granted, they never make it a priority to have a yearly medical checkup until it's too late.

it doesn't always have to end as a sad story. early detection and annual medical check up can save live. most importantly, eat healthy and exercise too. kick off those bad habit of smoking and drinking, as smokers as well as those you love, the second hand smoker are in dead serious risk of getting Lung Cancer. this sounds harsh, but it's true.


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