January 27, 2008

don't freakin gimme attitude!

i never had maid issue. that's because i'm a very kind and thoughtful person. i always imagine myself in their shoes. away from home, tryin hard to provide for their family back in indon, earnin 500 ringgit a month, livin under someone else's roof, doin every imaginable task from scrubbin the floor to foldin the laundry.

i'm tryin as hard to make their lives happier workin under my wings. but this mornin, one of the maids chose to show me some color of her face, like i'm in no position to tell her off. she lied to me straight in my face. damn. she walked away half way i was talkin to her. damn. too much.

i pretty much gave her a piece of my mind, the one freakin piece i hate to expose. my ugly side. it rarely has to make an appearance, but when forced, this side of me can scare even a lion away. i summoned both of them close to me, there she stood, 2 metres away from me. i need her to hear me, though i'm by nature a loud person my hubs thought i'm born with an inborn mic somewhere in my throat.

my point is clear. i'll make your life workin here easier, all i want is that you listen to what i said. like it or not, you do this my way. get it? if you prefer otherwise, you can be sure that you pay for your toiletries like shampoo, body shampoo, toothpaste even your sanitary pads. i've been kind enough, so i'm askin that i get my respect.

i lost count how many times she said sorry. but sorry is not the word i'm lookin for. i want US to corporate, like i'm your boss you're my maid. are we clear?


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