January 19, 2008

the 25 useless sheeps

it's gettin late. i'm feelin tired.

you know why? i found myself awake at 5am this mornin when my little son called me for his milk. so in a split second, i made him 5ounces of milk and try to go back to sleep but i just don't feel sleepy anymore.

i don't know if this sheep countin works, but i think it's a totally stupid thing to do. well, i did count to 25 sheeps afterall. but 25 sheeps after, i found myself even more alert than before.

twist and turn, roll and flipped. on my back and on my tummy. i tried to position myself as comfortable as possible, so that it'll be easier for me to sleep, but when i looked at the clock and it reads 8.30am! i woke up feelin like a floatin mermaid.

sleepin has never been more difficult, now i understand how hubs feel when he needs his quiet bedtime. i promise i'll leave him alone to doze off from now on.

now i need to catch up on my sleep. night night for now.


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