January 19, 2008

a world with a thousand other possibilities

let's have a fair talk here. not all children are born with high intelligence. maybe some are very intelligent, but they do not have a good memory. it's still too tell if my 2 year old son is going to do well in school. like every other parent, also in my sweetest dream, he will be a straight A student.

but if it turns out otherwise, i won't be disappointed either. there are a thousand of things he might be better at. perhaps he's just like his father, whose passion lies with fast cars and huge machineries. only a man like his father owns a fleet of classes in his driving license, from a three-wheeler to the heavy trailer driver license. he has never been a crane driver or a lorry driver but his interest for heavy equipment made him wanting to learn to operate every single machinery available.

as for my son, every time we come across a crane or an excavator, he'll be asking me what does the crane lifts or what is the excavator digging from the ground. maybe then Equipment Operators Certification at ATS Equipment School might be an option to consider. as a mother, i don't see how my son becoming a heavy equipment embarrass me, so long as he has passion for his job and it makes him happy, i'll be proud of him.


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