January 14, 2008

our fantastic weekend


what a fantastic weekend for us. we had a party, my twin sis and her boyfriend came home for the weekend and we went shoppin too. we had lotsa food, and oh, big apple doughnuts.. we also bought quite a few nice gap tees for the kids. you know new clothes is one of the highlights during chinese new year celebration, with kids paradin around the house in their new outfit.

oh ya, lynd bought the kids ben-10 collar tees from singapore, and it cost 25 dollars each! i think it's very pricey for a cartoon network brand. how sweet of lynd, she just want the boys to be happy.

my internet speed is so stressin me out lately, so this is goin to be a quick post. hope your weekend was a great one too. catch up with ya tomorrow alright.


Hi leena, that's a fun week-end! i love shoppin too but no time and money.hehehe. so i go window shop.

just passing by now. hope everybody out there are ok >> shern and your internet connection.

visit me sometime when u can. :)

internet connection is back to normal now.
i'm feelin so guilty for not havin the time to visit my fellow bloggers. just to let you know, i'll visit you soon ;)

hi leena, just passing by here. im glad that you had a terific weekend with your sister. these days when everyone seem to be so busy, its nice to stop and have someone dear to laze around.

aw.. i miss my sisters, too

it's the beginning of a new year, everyone is busy with their own things. it's good to take time out to relax.
where's ya sis anyway?

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