January 18, 2008

245 links in 2 mths

this is unbelievable! blogginginmypyjamas now has 245 links as per stated by technorati. i remembered when i started this blog, no one is willing to link me up, i was so damn good at blog hoppin for link exchange, but i ended up with like 5 links.

now i'm telllin you, link exchange is a shitty job. it's worse than beggin for money, cos you merely link someone up for the sake of linkin eventhough their blog is full of shit not of your interest.
the secret is with linky love chain tag. you pass a link love tag out to, say 5 bloggers, 5 other bloggers passed it down to another25, 25 becomes how many..i lost count.

so if you're thinkin of exposing your blog to the world and get noticed, linky tag is the way to do it. trust me. getting 245 cannot get any easier than this.


I remember visiting this blog together with your other blog. But you havent been active until I totally forgot about it.

i totally agree. hehe..
lesser paid post on babyshern :)

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