January 8, 2008

am i weird?

Arlene of mid life dancing tagged me on 7 weird things about me. me as in shern's mom, not babyshern. this is my blog i write about myself and other things besides baby shern.

- Write 7 weird things about you
- Link back to the one who tagged you
- Tagged 7 others and inform them that they are tagged.

what's weird about me? let me see.
1. i'm a lefty, but when i see a lefty writes, i still thinks it looks weird. you know, the angle they write and how words came out in the opposite direction.

2. my right eye is slightly bigger than my left eye, it is especially obvious if i wake up with puffy eyes.

3. i am very picky when it comes to food. i will not eat anything slimmy or dodgy looking like squid, sea cucumber, raw food, even fish with snake-like scales.

4. i never like to brush my hair.

5. i find licking your spoon is the grossest thing, especially when it comes to sharing food. if you ever dipped your spoon into that dish, i ain't eating from there again.

6. i can stay at home for days and feel totally fine with that. not a little bored also. i'm very much a home person.

7. i love my mom with all my heart, but i do tend to argue when there's disagreement between us. i just have to say what i have to say. sometimes, she felt that i have no respect for her, which is not true at all.

i have to tag another 7 person for this tag. i know most of the bloggers have done this, so i'm goin to tag my new blogger friends:

abby: mom and the city
SAHM mysays
teacher julie


My daughter is a lefty too, when she plays the flute and xylophone and when she writes. Everything else she does with her right hand. That's weird, lol!

Thanks for the tag, will do this in my other blog as soon as possible. :)

oh is it? she's just like my sis. she write and hold a scissors with her left hand, but everything else she does with her right hand.

thanks for doin the tag.

Ish is a lefty, she's having a hard time using her "mopit" the brush that you use to write chinese characters(?) That is always her complain. She can't do crochet either =(

#5 is why I avoid potlucks like the plague! The possibility that a spoon licker made a dish freaks me out! Fun tag; will do soon!

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