January 19, 2008

i think i might be the next big thing

sometimes, i think i can be one damn good interior designer you know. aha, this is me self-praise again. pardon me, what was my major in university? business and information technology. i don't know which is worse, me now back to the silly old IT illiterate me or me day-dreaming that i could be far better than i now am if i were to choose to major in designing. wishful thinking.

i know i can be annoying sometimes when i can't help commenting to my shopping buddy about things like a chandeliers in a sport-theme boutique or worse, bathroom light fixtures in a so very elegant posh restaurant. what was the designer thinking? that opposite attracts? give me a break.

what appeals to me as a customer is that i'll take note of the interior of a shop before taking a step into it. nice cozy purple couch with a wooden table under a crystal chandeliar is perfect for a country-look theme boutique, but sure not in a soccer shoe shop. do these designers know a thing about
light fixtures i wonder?

having said what i said, it still makes me want to walk straight right into sports shop, grab a ladder and some tools, to get rid of the chandelier. ask the manager if i may bring it back home for my living hall. now, please excuse me.


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