January 8, 2008

i could easily take him down!

hubs can be pretty annoying sometimes. i hate to be caught in a heated conversation with him, but when he got me that far, and vice versa, we're not letting each other off until every stone is turned. nah. blame it on different upbringing, me in a Christian family, while he was brought up in a non-Christian family. so yes, we have our differences, for we are only human for goodness sake! there's no such thing as a couple who are so perfect for each other, they finish off each other sentences. and if that is not enough, they never ever argue and is forever on lovey dovey mode.

i could do a find my inner guide plus increase faith self hypnosis from http://www.instant-hypnosis.com/ before i take him down in our spiritual conversation. he has the most ridiculous believe my ears have ever heard, the dead ones must be worship, especially if they are your parents. hello, as far as i'm concern, i will not worship another thing or human (worse still the dead) as long as i have breath in me. Self hypnosis is guarantee to work, i reckon hubs could just do the beat insomnia and get enough rest after a day's hard work.


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