January 19, 2008

win big this chinese new year

oh, can't believe chinese new year is just another 2 weeks away. how time flies. it was like only yesterday we celebrated 2007 chinese new year. this coming new year will be the same as the previous years, a gathering of uncles, aunties and grandchildren in my hometown.

highlight of our new year celebration are the reunion dinner where a huge varieties of food will be served to over 50 people in our family. then for the next couple of days, everyone, from young to the old ones will try their new year luck on winning some money on the mahjong, rummy, blackjack and poker game.

i cannot remember a year where i win any money. be it a 10 dollar or a hundred dollar. i wonder if my uncle polished his blackjack game skill beforehand at the online blackjack casino. if he can win playing blackjack with the latest hi-tech software, it's no surprise that every year he beat the rest of us flat.


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