January 11, 2008

hubs needs a CD too

so my hubby might not be so willing to sit upright in front of the pc to listen to a lecture on how to be more romantic. i totally understand that. i'm no taking any chances, so am i not brilliant to get him a copy of the subliminal messages for him to play while he's driving. he spend a lot of time outside working and travelling, i believe this cd will surely helps.

it claims to 100% work by sending positive affirmations direct to the subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical conscious mind. i can imagine when he's stuck in a traffic jam, he'll have a very good pal he can listen to. thank you buddy for helping.

chances are you might have seen free subliminal downloads, but most of the time, free downloads are plain rubbish. Good things don't come free, you know that. but at http://www.subliminal-audio.com/ , all subliminal cds are guaranteed to be an episode of life-changing experience. now, you can get your cd delivered to you for free regardless of where you are for just $19.90 plus you get a free mp3 version.


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