January 8, 2008

what pressure of driving??

i was on instant messenger with my brother the other day, and he was telling me how pressured he feel behind wheels. in the last two years he lives overseas, he got at least 3 speeding tickets and that's not all about it. he was charged in court for reckless driving, not mentioning the points deducted to his license.

driving here in malaysia is a total breeze. you can get unlucky with the police, if they caught you speeding, but they are often generous in letting you go provided it's minor offense. unlike the UK driving system, here, you hardly hear people get their license revoked.

but hey, do you know that http://www.uk-driving-secrets.com/ offers lots of loopholes where you can get away with the police. there are certain things that you can say or do to be let off the hook. policemen often go by the law, but that doesn't mean they are
always right and we have absolutely in no position to defend ourselves. not even with the speed camera, images captured may not necessary be accurate. this is sure worth checking it out, bro.


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