January 8, 2008

a memory span like an old maid

honestly, i thought i'm better than this. trust me, i have a blog diary i writes on who tags me, sites i visited and register, what's my register username and the password. i have an e-notebook with mircosoft onenote, i password protected it, just in case anybody wants a peek. but then, what's the point of keeping a blog diary when you don't keep it up to date? i thought i jotted those passwords down in my diary. i couldn't be that forgetful. i'll only be hitting my 30's in a couple of years time. old maid reciting..

thank goodness for password recovery software, i can re-access those long time forgotten files with Excel password recovery from http://www.password-studio.com/. It guarantees to work, or else. there shouldn't be ELSE, but for your peace of mind, you get your $75 refund. the big deal now is, buy before midnight tuesday and save $50. this is so worth the long forgotten password. recover any of your password protected files on microsoft office has never been this affordable.


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