January 9, 2008

window shoppin and dinin @ sp

erm, what an evening.

my sister, a friend, our cousin and i went to subang parade for shoppin then dinner at tgif. oh, i forgot, marcus came along with us too. we went there at half past eight, after i put my little darlin to bed. and for the first time in 2008, i heard chinese new year song. cny is only a month away, before we know it, we'll be packin our bags and head home to granny's. only that granny passed away 7 years ago. but still, all of us still go home to that same old house every year, the biggest gathering of the year.
i wanted to get shern some nice cny clothes, but i didn't see any thing i like, or either it's too expensive. another day maybe.

i think i stuffed myself a little too much at tgif, and now i'm all bloated right up to here. ::pointin to my neck::

no one wants to go home to granny FAT. fat is the only compliment we hate to get. you know when people are so sarcastic, they go, "wow..you're living a good life eh?" all ballooned up?
piss off!

i really did control my diet for the last couple of weeks, and lose 2 kgs. i think i've gained it all back tonight at tgif. why thank God it's friday when it's not even friday and all they served are fatty food. oh, the fettuccine alfredo is the worst i had in years. hey, buddy chef..go easy on the parmesan. it made us want to puke after that. the four of us didn't even finish a quarter of it. what a waste.

all of us got home with a broader waist. my sister put on the belly dance dvd for us to 'shake' the parmesan off our waist. i thought belly dance is a piece of cake, hell no. we couldn't even get the first basic step right. the
front and back butt shaking . 10 minutes later, we gave up, with the parmesan still 'stickin' firmly to our waist.

what was i thinkin, i am not suppose to feast, i'm on a diet but i just did.


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