January 8, 2008

what's the fuss, cheapskate parents?

school reopens. as promised, the government subsidies all school students with textbooks. in the past, text books were given out on a year loan basis and priorities were given to students with not so well do parents. now, parents only need to pay for their extra curricular fees and some workbooks for their kids, i cannot believe some parents actually complaint about that. why is it that buying own children's workbook and paying for their extra curricular activities has suddenly become a burden to them. cheapskate.

think on the brighter side, the government has spent so much on your kids, and why can't you thank them instead. i like to think that the fees i pay for my kids will somehow ended up being used to maintain the school especially the most emphasis point, the toilet.

fees contribution by parents can perhaps be used to purchase School Lockers so that kids won't have to carry their 7kg bookload to school everyday. i really like the idea of western schools where each student is given a Metal Locker for a minimal fee.

as for the extra curricular activities, many school lacks proper exercise facilities, some doesn't not even have proper gym or play court for kids, let alone a decent Gym Lockers. i truly believer that if parents are more considerate in donating and giving back to the school, it will make it a lot easier for the students to progress both academically and in sports.


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