January 9, 2008

IP is not just a number

sometimes it's scary to know that who is out there reading your blog, secretly placing all the tiny bits and pieces of information together like a jigsaw puzzle. and then one day, out of the clear blue sky, they appear at your doorstep, and deliver you the most amazing bouquet of roses. oh, a secret admirer that is.

but i prefer to think that all my reader will enjoy reading my blogs without any bad intention that is. i do make it a priority not to expose too much personal information on this www, for safety reasons. but what happen if a little information like the IP address became the main culprit? through one's IP address, one can track down the my personal detail and launch an attack to my computer. i hate to think about the consequences.

time to hide your hide IP address with http://www.hide-my-ip-address.com/ . it helps you re-route all your internet traffic through at least 2 ultra fast and safe server. no one will be able to track you in any ways. blog and surf anonymously, safe and sound.


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