January 23, 2008

trick and trade wine with black currant

my sister came back from Melbourne with two bottles of red wine. in fact, every time my brother or sister come back from Australia, they'll sure purchase either chardonnay or merlot. my family only drinks wine on occasion, not the kind of everyday wine person. except for me, i'm not a liqour, wine or beer person. i can never gulp down a glass of white wine without the crazy after effect. it will make my body itches so badly, i once put on a pair of winter gloves to stop myself from obsessive scratching. having experience lots of ugly wine aftermath, i'll avoid drinking it at all cost.

the one occasion worth mentioning is during the chinese new year, where the ladies will try to bring my uncle down by challenging him drink red wine, but the ladies always trick my uncle by drinking blackcurrant juice themselves. every year, the ladies will sure win. how not to, when one team is on wine and the other team is drinking only blackcurrant juice. can't wait to celebrate this chinese new year, it's just 2 weeks away.


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