January 4, 2008

oh no, a toaster again!

so this is a new year, and everyone is back to school, to work, to the paddy field in hope for a better future and a better life. holiday season is over, so is the annual family gathering and corporate annual dinner. so what did you got in that lucky draw? a toaster you so didn't want?

sometimes i wonder if those people in charge of getting the corporate gifts can come up with a true gifts people will adore. there are just so many promotional products that are available in the toaster budget, something people can be happy about and doesn't mind getting another one despite already having one.

like a branded watch. maybe not rolex, but at least a swiss army or a guess watch. perhaps some jewellery items, girls always love jewelleries, guys can present it to their loved ones. or why not consider digital accesories like camera or mp3 players?

stick to your budget, you can still get lovely gifts to make people happy.
promotional items like a High Sierra Tahoe Multi-Function cost only $10.40 each. these things have become so affordable, i bet it beats getting a toaster right?


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