January 27, 2008

rent. buy and sell

while other's get their hands on the stock market and currency investment to make the big bucks, i personally think that New York real estate is where the big money is. after all, isn't that how mr. donald ended up so filthy rich? i mean, if you have extra cash in the bank that sits there earning pathetic interest rate, you seriously need a wake up call from me.

though i'm no investment guru, but i sure know one thing. property investment can never go wrong, provided you know where and when the property will bloom. take Florida real estate, the prices of property has increase doubled if not triple fold over the last couple of years, so is the case with Texas real estate.

in the past, i didn't know there are actually those people who can just sit at home but making tonnes of money renting, buying and selling properties. but the picture is clear now, all you need is to get a good real estate agent to monitor your property high and low times, or maybe just to find a good tenant for your penthouse, renting out hot property is part of where the good money comes from.

so, if you got extra cash in the bank, i suppose you know where to make it worth investing.


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