January 10, 2008

where there is no internet

you know even with this thing call wireless internet, you cannot possibly have access internet every single place you go. places like a fisherman's village, or when you're on a cruise where internet connection cost a bomb.

what if you're going to a place such as Myammar where about 90% of the internet content are banned by their government? you are on a business trip and you really need to show your client how your company operates online and there, your webpage cannot be loaded. worse if you are suppose to do an online presentation.

suddenly, you feel the whole world collapse in front of you. does it not defeat the purpose of you travelling hours on the plane and ended up in disappointment? it doesn't have to be like that. with 3 simple click, you can now perform an entire website download. by entire, i mean all images, sounds & video just as how it should be loaded on the internet.

this tool is fast becoming important to corporate organisation who didn't want to risk losing up a business deal all because of a lousy internet connection.
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